Bluewater Quilters' Guild

About Bluewater Quilters’ Guild

In April 1987, Sylvia Harvey, Carol Seaman and Noreen Smale realized a dream with the organization of the Bluewater Quilters’ Guild. They ‘just knew’ there were people around Owen Sound who enjoyed quilting as much as they did; they were anxious to share their experiences and learn from others.

Over the years, many members have generously contributed quilting and organizational expertise to grow and strengthen our Guild. Members and program guests continue to inspire others to develop their knowledge, skills and creativity. Interests range from traditional to contemporary to artistic quilting. Members enjoy contributing to community projects and forging long-term friendships through a common interest and meeting place.

This is the place for you if you have – or think you might ever have – an ‘addiction’ to quilting!


The Bluewater Quilters Guild plans its successful programs and activities, and members’ services to meet the following objectives:

  • to educate and encourage members about the art and craft of quilting by providing lectures, workshops, and awareness of the broader quilting community through exhibitions and shows,
  • to promote the art and craft of quilting to the community at large through participation in quilt shows, contests and community events, and
  • where ever possible, to support requests from community organizations to provide quilted items for charity or to be used for their fundraising activities.


The Bluewater Quilters Guild is a non-profit, non-incorporated organization. To learn more about how the Guild operates, review the Constitution June 2014

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